Solution for building automation and energy saving

IOT Solutions has created a building automation system, which lets building managers operate a building remotely from anywhere.

The system allows the building managers to change building setpoints – that is, the points in which an energy system such as a heater switches on or off – on request or from a centralised calendar. This can be done for any building, responding autonomously to, for instance, time of day or changes in weather.

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Total Energy Management

With our solution you get full overview of the entire energy range be it:
-Power consumption directly from the power meter
-Own production of electricity from solar cells
-Consumption on each course
-Remaining energy on battery
-Energy consumption on district heating
The system can give an alarm in case of undesirable or high consumption and shut down energy supply if necessary

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We deliver as a service

A more efficient administration and follow-up means that by optimizing setup and strengthening follow-up can achieve a great energy saving. We have seen that easily achieves a savings of 30% to 40% only on energy consumption.
In addition, you can calculate the cost savings by being able to remotely operate built from mobile devices. This entails significant cost reduction.
We install, operate and monitor the solution as needed.

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New Industry 4.0 Server

IOT Solutions has developed its own Industry 4.0 server.
The server is a platform for integrating standard systems such as Maintenance, ERP, SCADA, along with new solutions based on the Internet Of Things.
The app helps with:
-Reduction of maintenance costs
-Optimization of energy consumption
-Reduction of production costs

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